Doing the good work is difficult when you have cluttered meetings burdened by unnecessary power dynamics, old patterns of communication and hierarchies. We help you plan consensus meetings to get to the core of your work with out mess, unfocused time, back and forth bickering, and lack of strategic thinking.

We work with your team to make sure that your meetings ensure that:

Your social justice work is amplified;
Equity is always at the center; 
All voices are heard; and
Decisions are based on a Consensus Model. 

They helped us have one of the most productive meetings we ever had! It was very helpful and clear! Kanju Girls

We can help you with strategizing on the basics of your organization from determining your:

Vision & Mission Statement
Strategic Plan
Project Planning

They were patient, professional and very competent at working with young people. The youth were enthusiastic and appreciative of the experience. Carol

Contact us to learn how we can help. Our current and former clients include:

POCI – People of Color Investment Group

Design Your Life – Private Group

Kanju Girls – Reimagining Our Challenges as Opportunities

Kanju Girls Oakland